SOL#28 once a pond a time

Once a pond a time I not really sure what to write so I am going to share a bit of my mind to show you guys how I feel I am not mad at you but to show you my life in my minad so let begin you’re not even close enough you will never get my message again please call and tell me you are sorry to hear from you and you will be able to make the life you will love to be happy and be safe I am not going anywhere you will not get my money I am going through  enough my phone and my mom just got to get out the door I just left my mom I got my sister and my sister got me so I just had to take care of  her and then I’ll get you some stuff I will be done and get ready for the  Real Word so  yeah  that’s a bit of a fantasy life that I  made up  common if you what to  know how it begins and ends

SOL#26 the prank on me

The story happened on the weekend and  One day me and my sister got in a fight and  after that my mom and dad said ok we are going to Buffalo Wild Wings yes I said well me sister said well I am not going then because she’s going ok my mom said your not going to get the space wings  me sister froze  what well said my mom I  now that you always wanted the space wings fffffin I will go but I don’t   What to sit  by her…hi I will get the space wings and the plan wings and a sprite for my daughter and yes that will be all thanks but little did I now she switch my wings with her spicy wings I   Took a bit then I  stirred up and I  screamed HOT water water water I said I   Grab a cup of water and  through it on my face… my sister got grounded and I got to stay all up and my sister went to bed  early THE END


SOL#22 I hate going to the office

Oh  well there goes a another late day come on . We got to go Come on  mom where are you. come on Monday  girl ok I’m coming I hate going to the office. hi my is Money girl and I hate going to the office. every single day I have to go to the office I just  smash my teeth   Together When I  walk through the Heritage Holloway. I just hate it is so boring then I just start biting my nails because I get nervous and my Poms start  sweating.Thursday 3:00 o’clock pm uuuuuuu mom WHERE ARE YOU  oh hi I was. wondering  where are you guys were At least you guys are early.  Yup my mom or dad are late  again Monday girl do you now  Who is picking you up no I. don’t well we have to go  inside ok  I just get so  jealous when I see  other kids running up to their  parents. uuu I not  mad  because they are not picked me up well because my little brother he just started kindergarten this year he is  thinking   Where is my parents hi mom hi come one I’m going to be late to my job ok. Wednesday 3:00 o’clock pm  MONDAY GIRL come on byem teacher V bye  teacher s bye hhhhh finally my mom picked me and my little brother I look at him I see a big smile on his face I smile back the end


SOL# 14 the hunted Basement

It was a night on Halloween  the the scary fog  Howells though the  dark clouds and the moon bright if it was the only light we were all in my room with only flash light you will only have  tonight  my big  cousin  let’s call him  whisper .whisper tells a story that still gives me chills down my spine. That a  Mean grumpy old man  Used to live in our basement as he tells the story my hands drip with  sweat after my big cousin leaves as we all start  counting our Candy 23 24 25 26 then my cuosin said hay remember how whisper said  there is a jar filled with a his favorite  belongings  In it well I  dare all of us to go and take one  I said no way not you scared no I said so I  went with them we looked  there was nothing scary but there was a  Virgin Mary  Picture it was so  dirty so we took it up the stairs and wish it we all  couldn’t go to sleep we were scared the next morning we all were so tired we were  watching TV then we hard a big boom and a smash we ran the glass broke I begged my mom if she can go buy  a now  frame after we race down the  stairs and put it back and  swore to never   Touch it again The end. Continue reading SOL# 14 the hunted Basement

Sol#12 the funny prank

It started Sunday morning my sister was sleeping  I woke up early then her so. I said why not a little prank her door was open I filed a bucket with water so she can git we’d  and she will have to take a shawar and I will get the  Control first so put the bucket  above her door and then I will walk her up mooooahahahaha so I screwed  ALEX COME HER why come her she said fine I was recording her she opened her door and boom it splashed on her it was so funny and as you  already guessed I got the control first .

Sol #11 10 these all about me

1. I love listening to old school music 🎶

2. I like blogging about me and my life

3. I like that I Talk a lot to but not a lot at school

4. I love  Olive Garden ❤️ 🥗🍲

5. I’m a animal lover 🐶🐒🦋🐴🦍 a  person to stick up for people.

7.l have a an amazing dog 🐶

8.l like Harry Potter now

9.I like to read books now

10.I love school

SOL#6 10 these on my bucket list

1.  Learn how to swim in the summer.

2. Getting  New clothes for my dog❤️

3. Getting Over my fear of  clowns and hamsters.🐹

4.   Getting to school on time

5.  Getting really good  grades.📃📓A+

6. Getting New make up

7.doing my homework 📓💻📔📓📄📄📊A+

8.getting more points for ravenclaw💰💰

9.   Try to Get  along with my sister 👱‍♀️

10.  Be a better student.A+


SOL#7 1 grade

I remember in 1st grade was my first year in Emerson Elementary School. I was in 1A I was very scared that I  wasn’t going to  Make any friends then a boyHarley Quinn. Then me and him  became best friends he wanted me to.  introduce his friends to me I  said no mediately I was to scared. but then they were  really is nice but I  just wanted to be best friends with Harley Quinn.

Sol#6 gizmos

It was my birthday my mom was telling me if I Bering some friends I asked   Graham cracker/s. If she  wanted  to come but she  couldn’t. then I asked  marshmallow/c if she.  I want to go she said she had plans. So she then I asked  chocolate/A if she wanted to go she said  yeah I’ll go. Then I had to ask fire/v she said yes to I told them we are going to  gizmos. Thay ask what is gizmos I said it is like  arcade place/jumpy house  Place it was the day we went it was  really  Fun we play games and eat pizza. The end


SOL #5 My duck

It was a summer  morning. Then my big brother came rushing in thee door saying I have a  surprise  For all   Of us   There was a box in his  Hans  we opened the box  there wes a to baby ducks in the box and food and to  adorable bottles for the ducks we named one   Fluffy  and the  other one  Kanye  one  died   Because it ate rat poison we still have  fluffy he is still a baby  but we love him like he’s a dog  And one more  thing  IRP  Kanye my Duck.